Sonim XP10

$359.99 $949

2 Year Voice & Data Term $359.99( 128 GB) >

Monthly /noSTRINGS Prepaid Term $949.99

Plus Pricing - 2 Year Voice & Data Term (128) GB Starting At $0.00 Upfront + $15.00 Monthly

Plus Pricing Get the device you want for $0 upfront! With Plus Pricing, choose ANY device from $0 upfront on a 2 year term and pay off the device cost over 24 months. Payments will be charged monthly on your SaskTel wireless bill. Plus Pricing Details Available on any SaskTel wireless 2-year voice & data plan (or 2-year data plan for tablets). Regular 2-year device pricing is available if you don't choose Plus Pricing. If you upgrade your device early and renew your contract, any existing Plus Pricing amount will continue to be charged monthly until it expires, or your can pay out the remaining amount. If you terminate your service early, you'll be required to pay any Plus Pricing amount owing (the number of months left on your contract), in addition to the Early Cancellation Fee. * Subject to approved credit. Monthly payments for any device purchased through Plus Pricing will be shown on your SaskTel Wireless bill as "Equipment Financing". Financing is for a 24-month term. Financed wireless devices have an annual interest rate of 0%. You can pay off any financing on your device at any time by paying the remaining amount owing.

Note: 5G service is available on this device. Tested and validated to meet MIL-STD810H standards, the Sonim XP10 is as tough as they come. And now, with 5G, a larger 5.5" screen, and longer battery life, your team can communicate and run mission critical applications faster, and more efficiently than ever.

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Admin - November 19, 2019

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